Large-scale production – references

We get things moving and make sure your event appears on television. Our motto is not low budget but high-end, and this is our guarantee for your success.

The following is a selection of events on which we have reported world-wide; an international audience of millions saw our pictures. We are proud of our achievements, and rightly so. This list of references is not our attempt to pat ourselves on the back but evidence of our many years of experience. Our success is your success.

The world’s toughest cycling race across the Alps.
Each year, we have six camera teams and another team of 30 following this arduous sporting event.
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Ski marathon
Seven days non-stop on skis is incredibly tough, not just for the participants but also for our team. Recording the right pictures in the right place at the right time and then putting them out on air.
Triathlon Roth
A triathlon is not for softies – and this applies both to participants and to our team. The pressure is on in one of Germany’s most important triathlon events.

Jump & Freeze
Jumping into ice-cold water. When people who have apparently lost it jump into ice-cold water at the dead of night, we are wide awake and our camera teams are reporting live on the event.
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Int. Police Winter Games
When police from all four corners of the world are competing in a winter Olympics, those who have remained at home want to know the outcome. We deliver the colour pictures into your homes.

Blondinen Ski WM
Blondes on the slopes – we all enjoy a good joke, and no-one more so than the participants. Our team sends the pictures all over the world.